Deliveroo Courier by By Môsieur J. [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Some quick thoughts of where we’re at, how New Times is still with us and why we need a metaphor of quantum mechanics to help us get by.

Leavers and Remainers have a duty to engage with Brexit responsibly. This means debate and opposition are both essential. A failure to allow the space for democratic activity is a denial of the tradition Khalid Masood was attempting to attack.

Calling Trump a fascist is incredibly seductive — and easy to mobilise a resistance around. However, it might it be more productive to understand him through Bannon’s many links to post-Schumpeterian stances and think of this in light of Stuart Hall’s ‘exceptional state’ model.

fake garrilla

Idiosyncratic Bricoleur Hacker. Trying to understand today by looking at yesterday so we can make a better tomorrow.

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